Fantastic night down at the 14th Annual Orange Community Awards hosted by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland at the Island Art Centre, Lisburn.

It was a hugely successful night for my own Private Lodge LOL 20 who won the Lodge Community Involvement Award for our Walk of Remembrance and Charity Fundraising. A huge honour to receive recognition from our fellow Brethren for our hard work within our Glorious Institution and the perfect way to draw the Walk to a close.

We were also nominated in the Best Banner category, which was highly competitive. Our banner, which drew praise from all round the room, made it through to the final but was eventually beaten by Inch LOL 430 who’s banner was crowned winner. A very worthly winner and a fantastic piece of art by William Magowan, a perfect example of our Culture and History being proudly displayed on our Banners.

Banbridge District was also proudly represented on the stage by Bro Paul Carson of LOL 123 who entertained the crowd with a masterclass redention of his musical talent on the flute along with Gareth Chambers of Bessbroke Star of Hope LOL 927.

A highlight of the evening was without a doubt the Award to Cave Hill LOL who initiated 52 new members into their lodge in just over 12 month, a truly remarkable figure, another lodge was had 22 new members in 2018. It just shows that the Orange Order is strong and the futures bright.